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Welcome to the Kijimuna Festa 2012 / ASSITEJ International Meeting 2012 website!

Kijimuna Festa 2012 / ASSITEJ International Meeting will take place from the 28th July to the 5th August 2012 in Okinawa City, JAPAN. The theme for 2012 is "Theater is Nuchigusui".

The programme includes seminars, symposiums and workshops, as well as our fine selection of performances for children and young people.

We hope to share this wonderful event with our audience and participants from all over the world!

Please enjoy exploring this website to know more about Kijimuna Festa 2012 / ASSITEJ International Meeting.

for the Future of Theater for Children and Young People
5th August 2012 - Okinawa, JAPAN
"Theater is absolutely medicine for life: therefore, all children in the world must experience the wonderfulness 
of theater and grow in and through theater. And we shall keep making efforts until the day we have accomplished this."


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* Submissions to the festival 

If you are interested in presenting your work at the Kijimuna Festa, please  post the information (including the future schedule) and DVD to our office.

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